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Weekly Tweet Digest – 2009-10-11

  • morning run = dodging damp cars. #
  • @themattlondon declare your grievances to the bugs. that usually works pretty well in world politics. effects change & so forth. in reply to themattlondon #
  • #newmusic Bugotak, The Wheels Must Rotate. Traditional Siberian folk seasoned with distorted electric guitar & misc rock. Best: We Siberians #
  • #newmusic The Diamond Center, My Only Companion. Brittle lady vocals & distant instrumentation. Best: Dos Fridas & Ohio. #musicmonday #
  • my rebuttal to @vyemoran’s assessment of dangerous NYC streets: Danger is my life, Medley. #
  • He has made everything beautiful in its time. #
  • thinking about original phrasing versus quotation and allusion in song lyrics. #
  • wrote a song entitled “she and i and the earth applauded” with @documentingme. it’s about memory, quiet communion, and the night. #
  • thinking about posting more #poetry. leafed through a heap of second drafts & found some passable bits. #
  • @nicoletaylor28 ask yourself the eternal question: how would macgyver do it? and answer yourself: with pizazz. in reply to nicoletaylor28 #
  • @NicholasStenner they aren’t really spec fic, but excellent point. it is better to submit than to anonymously post. in reply to NicholasStenner #
  • @themattlondon envy for your choose-your-own-adventure writing. sounds like a blast. in reply to themattlondon #
  • @tofermoran yeah? well i went to walltown at 8am and saw a stuffed lion on somebody front porch railing. i’d say we’re about even. in reply to tofermoran #
  • running through a blue-gray dawn #
  • The car in front of me has the vanity plate ‘ms. Quilt.’ #
  • sugar free amp tastes like a worked-over pack of smartees. #yech #poorchoices #
  • i’d like her better in sunburst. (that’s not true. i dislike sunburst.) #
  • PSA: first comes, then comes , then you get this in a baby carriage #themoreyouknow #
  • RT @D_MacPherson: Today – October 7, 2009 – is the 160th Anniversary of the Death of Edgar Allan Poe 🙁 #
  • heading to dain’s. bringing my own cherries for old fashioneds, because they never have any. #
  • also, band practice: success. #
  • @nicoletaylor28 i’m bearding as well! the disaffected qualify. in reply to nicoletaylor28 #
  • @a_stonestreet re: your perfectionism comment: this is why punk music and rough drafts are Important. in reply to a_stonestreet #
  • @hollyblack i envy your sumptuous villa. i envy it something fierce. but i am headed to albany tomorrow to hang out with #clarion folk, so. in reply to hollyblack #
  • Driving to albany. Listening to snow crash. #

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