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A French Breakfast in Tourist Thailand

The coffee was revolting, weak, almost undrinkable; from that point of view at least, we were working to American standards. The young couple looked completely bloody stupid, it almost pained me to see their ‘ecological paradise’ crumbling before their eyes; but I had a feeling that everything was going to cause me pain today. I […]

A Literature of Inimitable Relics

Contrary to history, art describes individuals, desires only the unique. It does not classify, it unclassifies. No matter how much they may engage us, our generalizations may be likened to those pursued upon the planet Mars, and three lines drawn to intersect them might form a triangle on all the points of the universe. But […]

A Poor Man’s Mountain

Ou temps qu’Alixandre regna, Ung horns nommé Diomedès Devant luy on luy amena Engrillonné poulces et des Comme ung larron, car il fut des Escumeurs que voions courir; Si fut mis devant ce cadès, Pour estre jugié a mourir. L’empereur si l’araisonna: «Pourquoi es tu larron en mer?» L’autre responce luy donna: «Pourquoy laron me […]

In Which I Enjoy de Saint-Exupery

Watch how de Saint-Exupery builds his ideas brick-by-brick, each sentence resting atop the previous, until the last sentence of each paragraph sets the keystone, and the paragraphs together create an arch: In a world in which life so perfectly responds to life, where flowers mingle with flowers in the wind’s eye, where the swan is […]