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Of Angleworms and Others, by Tove Jansson

One summer, Sophia was suddenly afraid of small animals, and the smaller they were, the more afraid she was. This was altogether new. Ever since the first time she trapped a spider in a matchbox in order to make it her pet, her summers had been full of caterpillars, tadpoles, worms, beetles, and similar uncompanionable […]

Le Petit Prince

When I was a kid, we had a claymation video of The Little Prince which scared and bored me in turns. My mother threw it away years ago, in a pre-move purge of nonessential objects, and I never missed it. I couldn’t find any footage online, so I can’t reevaluate it. Maybe it wasn’t as […]

The Dangerous Alphabet

One of my favorite writers, Neil Gaiman, wrote The Dangerous Alphabet as a Christmas card, which along with his “Nicholas Was” flash piece, is an example of my favorite way to celebrate Christmas: write a creepy story. HarperCollins decided at some point The Dangerous Alphabet would make a better book than card, so they asked […]