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Finding Books in the Future (now)

Quickly now, a snippet of cleanhanded searchlores: A method of finding free poetry that doesn’t step on any moral grass medians. This question of morality in fetching information is a stickyslick one, and I haven’t plumbed the full track of its stone wall for uneven spots yet. (If you have thoughts, I would like to […]

In Which Our Narrator Discusses Bookshops and Entrepreneurship

So this post by Damien G. Walter, writer extraordinaire and Clarion 2008 graduate, has jump-started all kinds of humming speculation in my brain about What I Want From Bookstores. And I want many things from them. I don’t simply want books in a general sense, I want books that will change me, that I will […]

Writer lists are hard to make

The SFX Magazine list of science fiction and fantasy’s top 100 writers surprised me, especially when I scanned the full 100.  These sorts of lists always degrade into a sort of desert island scenario for me, and I spend more time rearranging people than reading more good books (which is all I want the list […]