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Finding Books in the Future (now)

Quickly now, a snippet of cleanhanded searchlores: A method of finding free poetry that doesn’t step on any moral grass medians.

This question of morality in fetching information is a stickyslick one, and I haven’t plumbed the full track of its stone wall for uneven spots yet. (If you have thoughts, I would like to hear them: Where are the boundaries?) There are, and always will be, nefarious means of procuring reading material–and it’s wise to keep these methods shambling along, preserved for the hour when you need them for samizdat, to smuggle free speech beneath a hostile government–but remember, kids, writers like to get paid. If you don’t pay the writer, the writer may go away. So pay for what you value, and if you do, maybe your favorite writers won’t go away until they write you another book. (One way to get around this is to only love writers who are already dead. You can find their work in several places.)

Go now, my lemursnails of finding, and peruse what you may use.

Addendum: As I was about to post this, I learned that Fravia+, the genius of search, died last May. He taught me a lot, and I’m sad that he’s gone.

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