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A Souple Jade She Was and Strang

But here my Muse her wing maun cour, Sic flights are far beyond her power; To sing how Nannie lap and flang, (A souple jade she was and strang), And how Tam stood, like ane bewitch’d, And thought his very een enrich’d: Even Satan glowr’d, and fidg’d fu’ fain, And hotch’d and blew wi’ might […]

Hell’s Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga

Hunter S. Thompson makes me want to be a journalist. As with some other larger-than-life writers, I’m not sure where the legend ends and he begins, but since I’m interested in his writing and not his person, it doesn’t much matter. His love for language and his discipline are especially inspiring. I read somewhere, while […]

Alan Moore’s Writing for Comics

Alan Moore’s Writing for Comics is a thin book (just under fifty pages) of essays by who you’d think, and it’s about what you’d think. Except Alan Moore doesn’t cover much of the nuts-and-bolts, as you may expect; he drives deeper, to the theory. Why comics work the way they do. He wrote it in […]

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

I’m pretty late on noticing this, but Joss Whedon (and Company) have made something delightful and fresh. Again. A supervillian musical, made especially for the internet and eventually DVD, with extras. Some people (not me) think one needs a reason to do something like that besides the self-evident ones. As in: supervillains, a freeze-ray, self-important […]