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To Whom It Definitely Concerns

I met Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz five or six years before the Second World War. I was then a student, and Witkiewicz sometimes dropped by as a guest to the seminars given by the Philosophy Department of Warsaw University. I knew his two novels and some of his plays that had been published in magazines or […]

Recall That Seventeenth Step

THE TUTOR: No memories, master? What ingratitude, considering that I gave ten years of my life to stocking you wit them! And what of all the journeys we have made together all the towns we visited? And the course in archeology composed specially for you? No memories, indeed! Palaces, shrines, and temples—with so many of […]

Fractal Motivation

ESTELLE: Anyhow, you must remember. You must have had reasons for acting as you did. GARCIN: I had. ESTELLE: Well? GARCIN: But were they the real reasons? ESTELLE You’ve a twisted mind, that’s your trouble. Plaguing yourself over such trifles! GARCIN: I’d thought it all out, and I wanted to make a stand. But was […]