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Fractal Motivation

ESTELLE: Anyhow, you must remember. You must have had reasons for acting as you did.

GARCIN: I had.


GARCIN: But were they the real reasons?

ESTELLE You’ve a twisted mind, that’s your trouble. Plaguing yourself over such trifles!

GARCIN: I’d thought it all out, and I wanted to make a stand. But was that my real motive?

INEZ: Exactly. That’s the question. Was that your real motive? No doubt you argued it out with yourself, you weighed the pros and cons, you found good reasons for what you did. But fear and hatred and all the dirty little instincts one keeps dark—they’re motives too. So carry on, Mr. Garcin, and try to be honest with yourself—for once.

Jean-Paul Sartre, No Exit

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