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A Hundred Scarequotes Feed

§(61) Americanism. Could Americanism be an intermediate phase of the current historical crisis? Could the conglomeration of plutocratic forces give rise to a new phase of European industrialism on the model of American industry? The attempt will probably be made (rationalization, Bedaux system, Taylorism, etc.). But can it succeed? Europe reacts, setting its cultural traditions […]

What Is In Our Power To Do

We believe that a little girl who’s offered an escape from poverty by a great teacher or a grant for college could become the founder of the next Google, or the scientist who cures cancer, or the President of the United States—and it’s in our power to give her that chance. We know that churches […]

Chinese Oppression and American Hypocrisy

Reading this article, from Reuters, adds to my overall distaste for the People’s Republic of China. When I read it for the first time, I thought it was a parody in poor taste, possibly from the Onion, or something similar, submitted by mistake. But it’s not; it’s as real as Tienanmen Square, China’s continued occupation […]