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Chinese Oppression and American Hypocrisy

Reading this article, from Reuters, adds to my overall distaste for the People’s Republic of China. When I read it for the first time, I thought it was a parody in poor taste, possibly from the Onion, or something similar, submitted by mistake. But it’s not; it’s as real as Tienanmen Square, China’s continued occupation of Tibet, and their history of oppressing their own people for gain. What gets me most of all, in that article, is the ban on people who are mentally ill. What kind of government bans the mentally ill so the city can have a good “look”?

So my questions are these: Why are we sending a team to the Olympics? Why do we say nothing of substance to this country? I have all sorts of dark theories about moneybags corporations and the power they wield over our policymakers, but more likely it’s because most Americans don’t care.

There are, of course, many other bad things going on in the world (a significant number of those in Africa), but by going to the Olympics, and by continuing to buy a ton of stuff made in China, we’re actively endorsing them, and their evil.  Can we do that in good conscience?

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