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Reading in the Garden

And then my thoughts, did not they form a similar sort of hiding-hole, in the depths of which I felt that I could bury myself and remain invisible even when I was looking at what went on outside? When I saw any external object, my consciousness that I was seeing it would remain between me […]

And Handsome, This Reader Too

INTERVIEWER: Do you imagine an ideal reader for your books? BURGESS: The ideal reader of my novels is a lapsed Catholic and failed musician, short-sighted, color-blind, auditorily biased, who has read the books that I have read. He should also be about my age. INTERVIEWER: A very special reader indeed. Are you writing, then, for […]

A Reading Diary

Alberto Manguel wrote A Reading Diary over the course of a year, as he reread twelve of his favorite books. It centers around associative reading, by which he means that each book you read changes you, and will change the way you read the next book. The more you read, and the more widely you […]

Writer lists are hard to make

The SFX Magazine list of science fiction and fantasy’s top 100 writers surprised me, especially when I scanned the full 100.  These sorts of lists always degrade into a sort of desert island scenario for me, and I spend more time rearranging people than reading more good books (which is all I want the list […]