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Urges Onto the Whale-road the Unresisting Heart

Forþon nu min hyge hweorfeð ofer hreþerlocan,
min modsefa mid mereflode,
ofer hwæles eþel hweorfeð wide,
eorþan sceatas—cymeð eft to me
gifre ond grædig; gielleð anfloga,
hweteð on hwælweg hreþer unwearnum
ofer holma gelagu.
And now my spirit twists out of my breast,
my spirit out in the waterways,
over the whale’s path it soars widely
through all the corners of the world—it comes back to me
eager and unsated; the lone-flier screams,
urges onto the whale-road the unresisting heart
across the waves of the sea.

—excerpted from The Seafarer

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