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Weekly Tweet Digest – 2012-10-14

  • @rquat if i can't better the species, i will document its failures. and it's always fun to find new mondegreens. in reply to rquat #
  • let's figure out transportation. let's just figure that guy out. #
  • i need to steal a horse that can swim really well and also fly and also navigate, because man, i cannot do that either #
  • all of Paul Paetzel's work, but especially this: via @TPHD #
  • e il naufragar m'è dolce in questo mare #
  • "hey baby, it takes more muscles to frow–" YES I KNOW THIS. LEAVE ME ALONE; I AM WORKING OUT. #
  • @lizargall smilefrowns to the rescue. (actually this is in exasperation, more female friends getting ordered to smile on the street by bros) in reply to lizargall #
  • oh mercy: #
  • Μήτ᾽ ἔμοι μέλι μήτε μέλισσα #
  • established rabbit phobia. #

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