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Weekly Tweet Digest – 2012-09-30

  • #dayoff = run to maristella, swim in porto conte again, finish a story, read poetry on the cliffs until my eyes bleed, explore the pig woods #
  • "I can live without you, but I would prefer not to." — from the love letters of Bartleby, the scrivener #
  • plans shelved: going diving. taking video of the boat ride along the cliff base. #
  • "An Inferno", by Hesi-Dante #ambition #
  • cave diving: now you know exactly how bad your buoyancy is. #
  • also: transcendent beauty, entire ceiling of stalactites, finally realizing what plato meant, red coral. #
  • RT @nice_mustard: it was the busta rhymes, it was the wursta rhymes #
  • new celebrity crush: wang wei : #
  • time enough #
  • @epiclifery cue theme music in reply to epiclifery #
  • nearly everything tastes better than skinny feels. eat better food, maybe. #
  • #devastatingshuffle "that power" by childish gambino to marvin gaye's "your unchanging love." #oof #
  • making t-rex hands, roaming the house. #
  • soup getting too warholier than thou, can't eat it #
  • @MultWashington worming the cackles of my heart in reply to MultWashington #
  • New game: dance the night literally away, driving it off with appalling moves. horrible mystery how a moving body can be so inept at moving. #
  • @realvalnolan Ireland is the part of Europe most like a possibly haunted greenhouse owned by old people where teens go to make ruckus. in reply to realvalnolan #
  • @taylor_audrey i eat breakfast at a marble table overlooking the sea. in reply to taylor_audrey #
  • delta charges $250 to fly from jfk to philidelphia, 1hr trip. or take @megabus, 2hr trip, for $20 #waelp #conundrum #
  • are there any differences between daniel johnston and arnaut daniel #
  • the best prize is an enterprise #
  • New game: telepathically replace the words "four horsemen" with "ahhh hogsmeade" on all memories of #

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