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Weekly Tweet Digest – 2012-09-23

  • dance venue across the water houses worst DJ of all recorded time. #
  • elementary school for Liu Jinghui. every show and tell he brings a snake or a pheasant and disappears. eventually one kids brings a mongoose #
  • two hour impromptu possessive pronoun discussion with my new best friend who is sixty years old. then i swam in the sea. #hellotherehatershi #
  • "what right
    / more than the well-fed helpless barn-door fowl
    / to scorn the larcenous wild-birds?" — Augusta Webster, A Castaway #
  • New game: 1) get into "the worst sounds" competition with a four year old. 2) win. #
  • New game: change all -er suffixes to -or in everyday speech. #
  • an authority on horseflesh #
  • helen dewitt – recovery #fiction #
  • from now on when i say i am an #american this is what i mean. should i just submit this as my visa application or what #
  • #american stuff also includes and and and #effwhyeye #
  • yesterday i ate an entire eggplant because i was taking down everything in the frigo that looked like it was about to go off or had gone off #
  • New game: divert all phatic conversation to Saki, and call him "Haitch-Haitch Moun-rowe" every time. #
  • nitch v. neesh, the eternal battle #
  • typing stories until the stories are all typed #
  • also, sontag. via @brainpicker #
  • "Use either no ornament or good ornament." — Ezra Pound #
  • and it's like, spend two minutes looking over some pound essays, resurface an hour later trying to work out cavalcanti from the original ehh #
  • @taylor_audrey some of them. it's a project for a year after i've learned some greek, eh. in reply to taylor_audrey #
  • so you can trace your ancestry to the 1200s. o yes you're respect-worthy. but pretty sure my ancestors were alive at that time too eh #basta #
  • dreaming in egg-based pigment, with arnaut daniel spinning the soundtrack. someone has taught him how to scratch. #
  • "I have crossed, since morning at the Yellow Crane Terrace, /
    All five Holy Mountains, without a thought of distance." — Li Bai #
  • it's like, when will machines become smart enough to correct misspellings? #spooky #
  • i'd like to reinstate my membership in the republican party by positing that ovaries are actually furious hummingbirds on fallopian leashes. #
  • fluctuating number people for dinner every night, four cooks in the kitchen. making paella. #
  • also escalating affection for arnaut daniel #ehhh #
  • just drank wine that was bottled in 1993. happy birthday, @danaROrana & @MultWashington #
  • @heatheralbano great! diving is the most fun. you, @NicholasStenner, and I should go sometime. in reply to heatheralbano #
  • @heatheralbano i'm in alghero, sardinia, living at a dive center, actually. pretty great, but the diving part is about to end for the winter in reply to heatheralbano #
  • worst dj who lives across the bay. playing reggae. your reckoning hour will be swift and irreversible and no one will speak in your defense. #
  • i have been semi wakeful for two hours. if i read poetry in my current weakened state, will it change the physical structure of my brain or. #
  • good morning. #
  • every time somebody mentions a "glowing bride" i think first of pachelbel's canon played by an orchestra pit of geiger counters… #
  • just met a prince of andorra & his family. #
  • spent all afternoon on a 26m yacht in a sheltered bay. #
  • @epiclifery get the chance. apparently it's great, and the skiing is wonderful. in reply to epiclifery #
  • @danaROrana nah, apparently he's just really rich. skype soon. in reply to danaROrana #
  • poems all at the same time #
  • reading six anthologies at a time: the best way to blend all the poems in your mind, the worst way to know where you found anything you like #
  • @taylor_audrey kayaks also. and i bought some brandy. in reply to taylor_audrey #
  • singing florence & the machine to the 4 year old guy here, except i change the lyrics to be hand-washing themed. #

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