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Weekly Tweet Digest – 2012-09-09

  • narration as performative utterance #
  • @KenBoccaccio the pigs would only take my saucebottle away and beat me with it, fairly certain. in reply to KenBoccaccio #
  • @buen_donado it's like listening to professional sports on the radio. who will accomplish the most meatpoints, these pigs or the dogs? in reply to buen_donado #
  • sometimes i discover some good writer & shout about it, and people, they look at me and say, "right. shakespeare. so he's pretty good, huh?" #
  • @buen_donado magic words do exist, but you have to choose between "forgive me" and "why yuss, i do drive a hovercraft, ladiez." #hovercrunkn in reply to buen_donado #
  • hagfish hollering "haaaaaagfish" like he a poekmn: #
  • my friend, the inestimable Leonard Pung, has died. the world is cheaper and drabber without him. #
  • .@ken_schneyer's tribute. RT @Keffy: RIP Leonard Pung He was just getting started… #
  • @MultWashington "ideal" is a bit strong, but yeah, that's what the internet said. TOGETHER WE COULD FIGHT CRIME. EFFICIENTLY. in reply to MultWashington #
  • @British_Airways update on my lost bag: i recovered it, found the entire front pocket shorn away. you are terrible at being an airline. #
  • drank wine that was bottled a year before I graduated high school. #dang #
  • @tripsonsunlight i'm in sardegna; it's the middle of the afternoon. in reply to tripsonsunlight #
  • @plasticbrentley you've eaten milk older than that, maybe. the statute of limitations on milk is cheese. in reply to plasticbrentley #
  • @MultWashington @buen_donado DECREED: if you make a joke, your next words MUST BE an explanation. we will ruin jokes fur ever. the joke is t in reply to MultWashington #
  • @AllisoNicole86 @tripsonsunlight if you're counting, you're not doing alcoholism correctly. in reply to AllisoNicole86 #
  • among the searches that led to my site: "yolo recursive" and "squedle deedle". clearly it's spelt "squeedle deedle" but whatever. #
  • my secondary duties include not blaspheming the pope. apparently. #
  • @MultWashington #miffed in reply to MultWashington #
  • In political discourse, I assume "the issues" refers collectively to the issue of Cain, and check around for Grendel's coal-souled brethren. #
  • New game: loop inner dialogue, complete with drum track. write music reviews of those beats. #
  • "If the future is dead, then today we must summon it…" @warrenellis on the future, where we live. #
  • mouth mouth mouth mouth mouse. #
  • New game: complaining that nearly all donaughts are empty. #

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