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Weekly Tweet Digest – 2011-10-16

  • padding around my house, singing the black eyed peas in a quavery old man voice. #mylawn #mylawnmylawnmylawn #checkitout #
  • @taylor_audrey that sounds delightful, actually. you bought them, own them. i am making a fist pumping motion you cannot see. in reply to taylor_audrey #
  • So i heard you're supposed to serve red wine at human body temperature. So i left a bottle in my car. In the sun. #
  • Sushi, wine, pie, and pretending to be a monster made of brain spiders. #
  • @AllisoNicole86 the fangs are always out, but you can't tell because i don't know how to smile. in reply to AllisoNicole86 #
  • @gralinnaea technology is cowardice. i heat my wine with the golden breath of ra. in reply to gralinnaea #
  • @Cait_Elizabeth didn't like the taste. it's starting to grow on me, especially eli's beans. in reply to Cait_Elizabeth #
  • @mkazoo this one was too raspberry sweet for me. yellow-tail shiraz-grenache. lately my tastes have been more to the savory & bitter. in reply to mkazoo #
  • @mkazoo never had any of those. not even the martini, sad to report. i usually just order bourbon. in reply to mkazoo #
  • saddle up. #
  • @mkazoo i will. there's an herbal liqueur called "blutwurtz" that's pretty great, too, but that's more a digestif than cocktail in reply to mkazoo #
  • @zerohypeart THE BEST NEWS, SIR. in reply to zerohypeart #
  • something wicket this way scrums: an occult examination of sport. #bookproposal #uk #
  • i'm torn b/w my initial assessment of catfish as gross, based on mark twain, & thinking they are the best animal ever, based on @qikipedia. #
  • so do i read a mark helprin short story, a richard yates short story, paul park's three marys, or some random poetry from 1991? #
  • in other news i am so exhausted that my brain is plotting how to shut off the muscles in my hands so i can no longer pick up coffee #
  • @kelceyherrera in the fridge at this new job there is an unlimited supply of free dr pepper. in reply to kelceyherrera #
  • @kelceyherrera you should apply directly to the dr pepper plant. they probably have swimmers to stir it, as willy wonka might. in reply to kelceyherrera #
  • @kelceyherrera try to pose as an oompa loompa? just saying, fraud would be worth getting your mitts on all that peppah. in reply to kelceyherrera #
  • heat death insomnia soundtrack: girls – honey bunny #
  • @mkazoo woke myself up with dreams. the worst plan for being rested. in reply to mkazoo #
  • @mkazoo even that would be better than my brain churning but not cohering. in reply to mkazoo #
  • @mkazoo made me smile, anyway. as others've said, how can one be grumpy to wake up in a world full of stuff like this? in reply to mkazoo #
  • team punch fighting for optimal daily punch fighting of the day. #
  • @kateulinah i salute you. it is only by paddling a river of tears that a small child retains what he learns. in reply to kateulinah #
  • @mkazoo she does move unnaturally. later no doubt she pulls off her cuteness mask to reveal an endless hazy blue tunnel walled with mirrors. in reply to mkazoo #
  • there is now such a thing in the world as a burrito full of cornbread stuffing. #
  • what's that disease where you read "prawn" when the word is "pawn." because i think i have that. #seachess #
  • today's "studying sql books until my brain bleeds exquisite & optimized query-sap" soundtrack: #
  • "if i throw this [shovel at you from across the yard], will you put it in the garage?" –my mother, shortest path optimization expert #

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