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Weekly Tweet Digest – 2011-10-02

  • @mkazoo i tolerate napoleon dynamite & actively dislike gentlemen broncos, but enjoyed nacho libre. i am a cantankerous old man. in reply to mkazoo #
  • remember how i hate facebook? it is because of things like this: #
  • “Writing is hard, lonely, low paid work.” — @damiengwalter #
  • police drive-by macing protesters? RT @damiengwalter: This was the moment that the #occupywallst protests ignited : #
  • @damiengwalter americans love comfort & the pledge of bread too much to revolt on a useful scale. we've outsourced our outrage for too long. in reply to damiengwalter #
  • @damiengwalter it can't be just generally bad, though, & the revolution would need leaders to point the frothy masses at specific villains. in reply to damiengwalter #
  • @stygianrenegade you're right. heinous, in any case. if the police had left it alone, few people would have paid attention. now, though… in reply to stygianrenegade #
  • @kateulinah or someplace like that, yeah. #france #kohtao #sicily #elsewhere in reply to kateulinah #
  • @kateulinah have gone the craziest. i have ground my teeth down to nubs with the gnashing. in reply to kateulinah #
  • When i asked her why she bought this she said 'it is 5.99 for a hundred.' #
  • @kateulinah SOLIDARITY Y'ALL. in reply to kateulinah #
  • balled ≠ bawled, awe ≠ aww, mute ≠ moot, taunt ≠ taut, tack ≠ tact. (pedantic ≠ interesting) #
  • work = #
  • @lizargall days like this (read: any day), i wish i were wearing a tie made of money in reply to lizargall #
  • @NicholasStenner @lizargall i read that as "bioproducts" at first & imagined a Paint-It-On! money tie made of bright slime molds. in reply to NicholasStenner #
  • @lizargall @NicholasStenner thus the vast tie-piracy problem, because people don't want to pay silk tie prices to lick the tie just once. in reply to lizargall #
  • Fourteen wheeling birds (of prey? scavengers?) over the highway. #
  • @mkazoo cabbagepatch conspiracy theories will now co-opt your brain function. see that 'patching everywhere. in reply to mkazoo #
  • plans for tonight: reread @hollyblack's "white cat", read "red glove" at long last. absurdly overdue. #yesss #curseworkers #
  • @mkazoo true—you see the freshly oiled flesh of obese men undulating as they dance, like slugs making love, but you think pretty things, too in reply to mkazoo #
  • @hollyblack i just read "white cat" again. that ending kills absolutely. #
  • @hollyblack i'm well. returned to the states at the start of september & now i'm trying to find work, &c. writing is going very well. in reply to hollyblack #
  • @hollyblack just read "red glove" also. so. good. could go on at length but must sleep. champing & foaming for "black heart" already. in reply to hollyblack #
  • @hollyblack i read like a toddler eating cake, and these have that gin & say wha about them anyhow. CANNOT HWEIGHT. in reply to hollyblack #
  • @mkazoo instead of red wine i had a can of busch ice, but same idea. now i am all shook up for the release of "black heart." NEXT YEAR. in reply to mkazoo #
  • nearly ran over a fox while the sky was lit up with lightning. when i got home, some large black bird flew out from under my porch. #
  • at this point, if i see some huge black dog, i'm not even going to be phased. a phoenix could roost on my car engine, i wouldn't even notice #
  • @mkazoo i'm a cryptozookeeper, just cranky about how gross this wheelbarrow of harpy feed is. in reply to mkazoo #
  • harlequinade = strawberry-kiwi lemonade. sliced strawberries, an orange twist, & a surprise dose of mdma dissolved within. #
  • apparently haterade isn't a real beverage either? come on, science, get with it. #
  • stand & salute. RT @GreatDismal, @dgroundsel: Imperial march played by two floppy disk drives #
  • @kateulinah i can't taste anything because my mouth is full of ash. #emonade in reply to kateulinah #
  • But I, being poor, have only these nachos; /
    I have spread my nachos under your feet; /
    Tread softly because you tread on my nachos. #
  • Definitely thought these christmas m&ms said 'no no no' on them. #
  • @gralinnaea now i am showing each one who the next one to be eaten will be. my heartlessness is an evolving, learning heartlessness. in reply to gralinnaea #
  • @realvalnolan excellent flann article. especially the last paragraph. in reply to realvalnolan #
  • @realvalnolan i assumed you might have, in proper nom-de-flann spirit. "fintan o'toole" is not exactly a plausible name. #otool in reply to realvalnolan #
  • @kelceyherrera TRUTH. in reply to kelceyherrera #
  • today i shall be expelled from a cancer benefit concert for making pterodactyl yells. #
  • sure, Gynecologic Oncology is serious business, but when you call the specialty "gyn-onc," that's a dinosaur & i will make those noises, sir #
  • Rex healthcare & unc cancer center concert at nc museum of art. #gynonc #
  • Four year old kid in a hoodie just threw the horns. #gynonc #
  • @mkazoo i have written four replies, & they are all unsuitably creepy. actually creeped myself out. who knew that was even possible anymore? in reply to mkazoo #
  • @kelceyherrera have you seen this piece? "subject to change" a friend just showed it to me; astounding. #
  • @kelceyherrera i have watched it three times in a row & i do not even know what is happening anymore but it is astounding. in reply to kelceyherrera #

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