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Weekly Tweet Digest – 2011-06-05

  • @kawesomes KAAAATEEEERNAAAA, AAAAAH'LL SEEEEE YOOOUUU SOOOON #weareskydiving #orpossiblyinapipe in reply to kawesomes #
  • tomorrow i venture north, toward bucharest &c. #
  • @ken_schneyer istanbul is good story soil. and, of course, shauna exploits that like nobody's business. in reply to ken_schneyer #
  • @mikejoosse not really, but i always want recommendations from you. stand and deliver, sirrah. in reply to mikejoosse #
  • @rquat also reading gertrude stein's tender buttons. ++odd, to say the least. what a strange affliction, with such deviant symptoms. in reply to rquat #
  • @rquat eventually. but for now, europe. in reply to rquat #
  • jauntiness is the plan, the plan is cravats. #
  • in sophia, bulgaria. i get a little joycharge every time i see cyrillic (so, often). #
  • the air raid sirens don't even phase me anymore. #bulgaria #
  • new goal: lead a global campaign to replace the social function of cigarettes with tacos. we're so close already. #
  • vote hester prynne for captain america reboot. just so she can say, "You think this letter on my chest stands for France?" #
  • belgrade. #
  • belgrade: first in putting plastic spoilers on yugos. also in conversational rudeness. #
  • best grilled cheese in the world so far produced by a deli near the bathrooms in the border checkpoint between turkey and bulgaria. #
  • @themattlondon, @thejordache: happy wedding to you. i send all the joy in one bright beam. #
  • @ken_schneyer @ken_schneyer i imagined all that butter used to sauté a wheelbarrow of chopped mushrooms. sprinkle with dill. serve to giant. in reply to ken_schneyer #

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