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Weekly Tweet Digest – 2011-05-29

  • You is sharks, sartin; but if you gobern de shark in you, why den you be angel; for all angel is not'ing more dan de shark well goberned. #
  • @kawesomes what. did 20-6535 recognize him? in reply to kawesomes #
  • @kawesomes lock all the locks, batten all that can be battened. do either of you own chain mail? in reply to kawesomes #
  • off to bangkok on a train. from there to istanbul via massive flying metal object. #nosleep #til #constantinople #
  • your mom busted in and said, "what's that noise?" aww mom you're just jealous it's the [hagia sophia]. #
  • istanbul: my room overlooks the bosporus; evening, scent of kebap over charcoal & hookah smoke carves arabesques around variegated rooftops. #
  • breakfast at this hostel astounds me. everything fresh: homemade bread & yoghurt, muesli, french toast-ish objects, olives, tomatoes, eggs.. #
  • jetlag fighting strategy of eight diagrams: keep a floating schedule of sleep debt during your entire life. #success #dojo #of #insomnia #
  • what's that disease where you get up and want to read thanatopsis right early in the morning? #gotthat #williamcullenbryant #

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