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Weekly Tweet Digest – 2010-10-17

  • Your debutante just knows what you need /
    But I know what you want. #
  • '"I'll save my Fritos for you." — Sally Draper #
  • "It's reactionary to believe in God in our days," I said, "but I am the devil, so I may be believed in." — Dostoevsky, Brothers Karamazov #
  • @mkazoo brothers k is his masterpiece, but it's a bit slow in the middle, in the bit about the elder. or not slow, but he has didactic goals in reply to mkazoo #
  • passed a hunchbacked old man in a fedora and tweed coat playing an equally ancient guitar in front of a stopped green and white bus. #
  • @damiengwalter @gralinnaea @glorioushubris @mkazoo law. in reply to damiengwalter #
  • walking down the hill to buy rice. #ADVENTURE #THRILLS #cheapfood #
  • all @cheaptickets charges cleared from my account. problem solved. quick support, to their credit. #
  • reimagining snoop dogg lyrics as supervillain monologue. #
  • @ferretthimself file that under "things made better with a voicechanger and eton accent." in reply to ferretthimself #
  • every time light a burner on this stove i feel like i've performed a magic trick. #taadaaa #
  • also this lighter's gas valve has two settings: lukewarm drizzle and mount saint helens. #
  • my family regularly uses the word "heinous" in conversation. heh. #

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