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Weekly Tweet Digest – 2010-09-12

  • “You may now just possibly detect from my voice that I am Irish—and now I leap forward in time.” — the books, the way out. #
  • @alliq learning ukulele is the best of all excellent plans. snazzy covers of metal songs are extra credit, double extra for slayer. in reply to alliq #
  • so has a new explore feature: a world map covered in current fares. that's how i want to think about the world. #
  • alternating kitchen card- & chess-playing soundtrack between french rap & reggaeton. benefit fourhundredseven of living in a hostel. #
  • of course, now we're hearing this: #notadrawback #
  • rayguns de españa. #
  • "i'm sorry about your boyfriend, okaaaay?" — don draper, sensitivity expert #
  • @ferretthimself useful substitute for both kindness and psychiatry: whiskey. in reply to ferretthimself #
  • "where's the cayenne pepper?" "it's on the stairmaster next to the wad of scorpions." — @wigu's labor day. #
  • @mikejoosse i have never laughed in a dream. last night i escaped prison by stealing a very small car. what. in reply to mikejoosse #
  • i don't know why this room smells like aftershave but it is probably some nefarious cause causing that smell of aftershave. #what #smells #
  • today i explained my aversion to mayonnaise by saying "i fear the eggs of the sun." …in other news, my spanish is still terrible. #
  • @Keffy so no cover letters claiming to be the godking of vanquished persian rhodesia? #dang in reply to Keffy #
  • Gogol, Nicolai – Taras Bulba. forsaking your warlike brethren in favor of a girl in the city you're all besieging: always a good plan #books #
  • when i'm in northern germany i'm going to buy some mittens & mail them, just to be able to say, "from prussia, with gloves." #
  • Gould, Stephen – Jumper. good balance between how teleportation works out & processing his relationship with his father. #books #
  • Hand, Elizabeth – Illyria. romance within the texture of big families & the nature of performances. brilliant & ethereal. #books #
  • Hand, Elizabeth – Saffron and Brimstone. unsettling sharp shortstories, full of heat, clarity, & honesty. #books #
  • Hoffman, ETA – The Life & Opinions of the Tomcat Murr. journal of a gentleman cat & his master's friend's biography. sadly unfinished #books #
  • Joyce, James – The Dead. typed this one as research. takes a while to get where it's going, but it's going beautiful places #books #
  • Joyce, James – Ulysses. best after at least one read to parse allusions. better poetry than most poetry on a wealth of subjects. #books #
  • @Keffy definitely spent too long riffing on terrible cover letter ideas this morning. if i sent such a letter it would outshine the story. in reply to Keffy #
  • do not go mental for an average night / have an awkward altercation with the dying of the light #
  • our mother has been absent ever since we founded rome / but there's gonna be a party when the wolf comes home — mountain goats #
  • lucha libre 2: the elevator #
  • during my run along the water this morning i saw a massive sea lion on a rock twenty feet out decide he didn't want to sun anymore, & dive. #
  • possible economic solution: (also: now i want to go to greece even more) #

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