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Weekly Tweet Digest – 2010-08-29

  • found teatro florida, one of the tango clubs at which astor piazzolla performed. one of his handwritten arrangements framed on the wall #
  • two days stuck in mendoza with no money means 1) newfound public bench aversion, 2) i've now read ulysses twice. much better the second time #
  • @tofermoran somewhat depressing to note, on borges's birthday, that they'd just knocked down the house he was born in & put up apartments. in reply to tofermoran #
  • @plasticbrentley @vyemoran's suggestion with your two: a mix of smash zorksmas hits, like "i saw daddy kissing nebutron" in reply to plasticbrentley #
  • @plasticbrentley & "my father owns silver underpants but rarely wears them, opting for a freer stance that leaves the neighborhood cringing" in reply to plasticbrentley #
  • @plasticbrentley (lesser hit) in reply to plasticbrentley #
  • @tofermoran i'm back where the money is now, just a few days in argentina without it (had a bus back already, so no blood no more benches). in reply to tofermoran #
  • i'm back in valparaíso now. about to cook some dinner (more like "dinner") and write. #
  • @BobWalton_NCSEA not the poem, this time, the novel–though i think the tennyson poem is excellent as well. in reply to BobWalton_NCSEA #
  • "We knew where we were, all right, but we wouldn't go home. Ours was the generation that stayed up all night." — James Thurber #
  • @lizargall nope, found my way back to smuggler's cave where all that money's hid. thanks for the offer– it's a relief to have such friends. #

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