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Weekly Tweet Digest – 2010-07-11

  • reading harlan ellison. in the background, a spanish reality show with a light jazz soundtrack. cue matter/antimatter reaction. #
  • the neverending party across the street that usually plays accordion waltzes filtered through 90s pop has now switched to un-tss techno. #
  • i want the parrot in the neighbor's garden & the bag of geese who live here to chime in on tempo. at 5am. like they do. #unts #unts #sqronk #
  • back at the farm. have dug one ditch already. #ditchdigging #bornforit #
  • now i can say with the certainty bred from experience that i would rather eat cow intestine soup than watch twilight eclipse. #
  • i now communicate almost exclusively through a mixture of spanish and pantomime. #spantomime #
  • had a conversation in spantomime earlier on why i love to write. i think i said something about the separation between church and state. #
  • just saw a commercial for a showing of don hertzfeldt's animation on colombian television. #

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