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Weekly Tweet Digest – 2009-12-20

  • wodka. the W is for “wow!” or “wolfmonger.” #
  • @glorioushubris i can’t draw well, but i will buy that book and read it, and how. please to write it now. in reply to glorioushubris #
  • using tea and drugs to fight illness. i feel british. #
  • (can i say british? is that a racial slur? is the correct term “yoo-kay-ians?”) #
  • @gralinnaea @damiengwalter maybe not the best fire vision test case: that particular volume is shielded by the universe’s mysterious loyalty in reply to gralinnaea #
  • @nicoletaylor28 Hm. Cosmo is all about pleasing him, which makes me think he’s a deity or force of some kind. Cosmo is an occult grimoire. in reply to nicoletaylor28 #
  • @nicoletaylor28 showing a little ankle, are we? (Cosmo headline: “100 tips on invoking The Great Sulfurous Lamprey, Midge-swarms-for-eyes.”) in reply to nicoletaylor28 #
  • @nicoletaylor28 Is his ancillary sub-being’s chrysalis pulsing with the harvested tears of a thousand reanimated god-kings? if so, it’s on. in reply to nicoletaylor28 #
  • @damiengwalter either wasted, or you’re an omega class mutant. #yourpowersareinternationallyrespected in reply to damiengwalter #
  • i shake you warmly by the hand. tremendous things are in store for you. #
  • “You tell a story because a statement would be inadequate.” — Flannery O’Connor #
  • anybody else compulsively use this site?
    the joys of food and words combined! #
  • word of the day: “verruca.” it means “contagious plantar wart.” go roald dahl. #wotd #
  • “anybody know a cute girl with some pom poms? /
    ’cause everybody needs someone to spell out their name /
    in a little song” — scout niblett #
  • who is playing “don’t stop believing” in this office? who? #terriblemusic #nojurycouldconvictme #
  • @apopa you’re right, but i have no boombox. i have suffering. in reply to apopa #
  • i’m inscrutable, like the fish of Þjóðvitnir #norsejokes #translation #
  • dains! #
  • Words that rhyme with salad: ballad, phallic. Er. #
  • resolved: to steel my soul to record the vivid and continuous dream. #
  • That that is is that that is not is not is that it it is (That that is, is. That that is not, is not. Is that it? It is.) #punctuation #
  • yeah. yeah. #
  • i guess what i really wanted was an australian. maybe you guys know some? #
  • @nicoletaylor28 i get the feeling they have some unresolved animosity toward those handy and heady folks. in reply to nicoletaylor28 #
  • astor piazzolla morning. tango zero hour. #
  • i hate cats so much. so much. specifically albus severus. #
  • word of the day: “sinecure.” an office or position requiring little or no work, especially one yielding profitable returns. #wotd #yesplease #
  • huh. that pistachio tasted like pickles. #scintillatinginformation #breakingnews #braintumor #notquitesynesthesia #
  • @gralinnaea thanks! #itry in reply to gralinnaea #
  • the most offensive part of candace sams’ Enraged Authorial Response is her misuse of apostrophes. #comeon #ohseriously #
  • surely sleep is not necessary for health and sanity. surely not. #
  • if one grinds one’s teeth with enough speed, one’s face catches fire. #science #fire #aaaaaahhhhhhh #
  • @nicoletaylor28 it is for science i do these things, these things i do; i do them for science. science. in reply to nicoletaylor28 #
  • in other news, why am i reading the screenplay of “no country for old men” when i could be sleeping? poor decisions: here they are forged. #
  • @nicoletaylor28 young lady, i’ve known science a long time. i belong in that dining room, with those important discoveries. i am on the list in reply to nicoletaylor28 #
  • @nicoletaylor28 i am wearing two: one on each eye, lashed together with plastic. and on that note, i’m off to sleep. hope you do the same. in reply to nicoletaylor28 #
  • i strode to fetch my bagel. strode! #
  • RT @MaryRobinette: My column at @SciFiScanner this week is The Many Fantastic Flicks of Mr Roald Dahl #
  • Prisencolinensinainciusol: what english sounds like to everyone else. (via @doctorow) #
  • yes, i will go look at the snow. #
  • @mkazoo oh yikes. glad your sister is all right. in reply to mkazoo #
  • old newspapers! RT @acarvin: @derekwillis: @dchud: new NDNP just released: “1,729,826 pages live and searchable” at #
  • on first listen, i’m unimpressed by animal collective’s “Merriweather Post Pavilion.” #apparentlyiknownothingaboutmusic #
  • @tofermoran it’s not bad, just didn’t match the hype. good writing music, maybe, though. in reply to tofermoran #
  • @tofermoran your zing doesn’t match the hype. BURN! in reply to tofermoran #
  • good-night, good-night, i am away. (plus the happiest story in the world!) #
  • re: seed monopolies: it’s easy to imagine a corp named MONSANTO as an evil entity. but LAND O’ LAKES doesn’t have quite the malfeasant ring. #
  • not to say LAND O’ LAKES isn’t evil. but, you know, that O’ makes it hard to take their evil seriously. also in that category: LIMAGRAIN. #
  • dreamed i shot a robber who looked like daniel johnston wearing a tweed coat using a gold filigreed pistol in flannery o’connor’s house—yes. #
  • the question is not “can you forgive?” it is “will you?” #
  • son of rambow: what a lovely movie. buddy film with british, film-making, juvenile delinquents. #

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