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Weekly Tweet Digest – 2009-12-06

  • time lapse video of heaps of sea-stars eating a seal pup. like √Ö¬†vankmajer doing animal planet. #
  • the clarion workshop is accepting applications today thru march 1. if you write short stories, apply. #
  • you there, citizen: buy this book when it comes out. RT @hollyblack: Whoa – my White Cat cover is up on amazon: #
  • @themattlondon hours later, woo! congrats. in reply to themattlondon #
  • tiny businesses: swipe payment cards on your smartphone. and @square (via @gralinnaea) (would person-to-person work?) in reply to gralinnaea #
  • @MaryRobinette i read a bit, then stopped. i wonder if mr goodkind still feels unkindness to readers is acceptable? clue: he likes ayn rand. in reply to MaryRobinette #
  • RT @NMEmagazine: Shane MacGowan to grow own vegetables on reality TV #
  • Dain’s. Why is there a video game called “chug monkey?” #
  • The question is of vision and then revision. The continuous dream. #writing #
  • mussorgsky morning. pictures at an exhibition followed by night on bald mountain. #
  • Transcript of President Obama’s West Point speech: #
  • RT @doctorow: Publicists from a company that is *suing me* for making fun of its products have pitched me those products REPEATEDLY #
  • @MaryRobinette one of your neighbors is flushing witches like grouse. check the sky; you might be able to snag one. in reply to MaryRobinette #
  • @D_MacPherson maybe start hitting the ATM before “going out for lunch by yourself.” amass cash, then buy a prepaid debit card (for web buys) in reply to D_MacPherson #
  • @D_MacPherson (belatedly realizing, yes, that is a fairly complex scheme for christmas. holidays should not require money laundering.) in reply to D_MacPherson #
  • halfway through the third book of paul park’s roumania series: “the white tyger.” #
  • “Let us leave pretty women to men devoid of imagination.” — Marcel Proust #
  • sad moment of the day: watching an illiterate second grader pretend to read. #
  • Science reports: lychee jello tastes like brain stem. #
  • where i live it is no sleep o’clock. that is the hour contractions go out of style. or if one is pregnant, they begin like a kettledrum solo #
  • @Templesmith or wine in a soda can. in reply to Templesmith #
  • mystic truth of the morning: if you have a mustache, all the world smells of mustache. #
  • #wotd: desuetude. soed says “The action of discontinuing something.” via this article. RT @GreatDismal: Goodbye Borders #
  • finished reading/typing james joyce’s “the dead.” beautiful. the last three paragraphs transcend. #
  • when i see this i see @documentingme’s future. #
  • so @Templesmith and others have illustrated some sf legends. beautiful artwork. #
  • Simple lesson for the feebleminded: it’s december; wear a coat. #
  • @ken_schneyer but how can i show off my ta-tas if i wear a coat over them? dilemmas: i have them. in reply to ken_schneyer #
  • now the proud owner of a 1973 mustache. #
  • just read the first two chapters of “twilight” aloud, alternating sentences with a friend. not worst book i’ve ever read, i’ll give it that. #
  • also we laughed nearly the entire time. what a worthless protagonist. #twilight #
  • @smoonen nah, i’m sure if @lehresman wanted to sport a ‘stache, he could muster one up. but he’s married, so it won’t happen. out of respect in reply to smoonen #
  • @ken_schneyer you are exactly correct. in reply to ken_schneyer #
  • just accidentally pushed my pinkie through the armpit of a shirt. in any decent world this would be the moment i discover i have superpowers #
  • @ken_schneyer oh, forgot to say: congratulations on the sale! #

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