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Bricabrac 1

The first issue of Bricabrac is ready. At long last.

Bricabrac is my to-be-monthly poetry mix zine, full of the poems I like and think you should like.

I love the way April’s issue looks. Tofer Moran, the wondrous designer, clothier, and my fellow musician, has beautifully executed my idea of creating something similar to a mix-tape for poetry, done in hard-copy. His design skills make this so much more legitimate.

These are the poems on my mind this month. And because the best things are better shared, I’ve been leaving these around Durham, NC, like little pots of gold, ready to be someone’s found treasure. Or like diseased rats at the bottom of one’s soup, depending on your metaphor.

Catch the disease (or become fabulously wealthy. Again, depending on your metaphor). If you live near me, ask for one. If you don’t, download the case and the innards and assemble this sucker yourself:

Bricabrac 1 :: 04/09 case

Bricabrac 1 :: 04/09 fold-out book

Assembly instructions:

Print the fold-out double-sided, then fold the 11″x17″ in half horizontally twice, then once vertically, to create a booklet (like a zoo map).

To assemble the case, print the 8.5″x11″ and fold it in half horizontally. Then unfold it and fold down the tabs so you have a sort of very shallow trough. Align the case as if it were a book you were reading and tape down the left side tabs. You should end up with something that looks like a CD case, with restraining tabs on the top and bottom of the right half. Put the fold-out beneath them, turned sideways.

That was horribly cryptic; sorry. Maybe I’ll make a video.

If you don’t want to do all that difficult folding, you could come to Durham and walk around Brightleaf and hope you happen on one. Check the gutter.

(Also, I included one of my poems in here, nestled among the greats. Vanity, your name is Self-published.)

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