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Twitter Digest – 2009-03-02

  • i’ve been writing (or some variant of procrastination) all afternoon. it’s going well. yesterday was a good break from insulation; recharged #
  • @hmapple no snow here… maybe tomorrow? maybe ice? in reply to hmapple #
  • pizza time. time for pizza. i have ordered the pizza. soon i will eat the pizza. my pizza. (& apparently i’m channeling the little red hen.) #
  • pizza time is now. olive, mushroom, amd sausage; with a pbr. thank you. #
  • @scottmccloud welcome to twitter. and thanks for all the comics books. my brain is altered forever. #
  • “Beneath his breathing there is cold clay, forever /
    A toothless hound-dog choking on a feather” — Joanna Newsom, Only Skin #
  • finished first draft of the takes-forever-to-write-eternal-month-long-lazy-me story. hallelujah. need a title & tweaks for my second story. #
  • @tofermoran running through it once for typos & basic revisions. i’ll send it in a few minutes. (also: bring glockenspiel tomorrow, eh?) in reply to tofermoran #
  • keeping this writing-in-the-morning train rolling. in a notebook, with my new pen. #
  • the snow where i am is barely slush. not enough to cancel work and make this Nap Day. #
  • i am le tired. but also happy. finishing stories fills me with joy. #
  • @rsdevin book finagling score. i love wrangling $ like that. i’m still working through a back-log of dead writers, so i use the library more in reply to rsdevin #

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