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Twitter Digest – 2009-01-15

  • Writing music with @tofermoran. #
  • @wilw Initially, my brain parsed “redshirt” as the communist cousin to a brownshirt. Anyway, Mr. Pepose mistakes petulance for wit. Screwum. in reply to wilw #
  • running. hoping to write some this morning too. . . #
  • tell your kids to watch early and often to avoid ths pretty hilarious fate: (via boing boing) #
  • decided to go on a little road trip this weekend. columbia, south carolina, here i come. #
  • @mynameis_shoe yeah, i’ve been a few times & liked it. i’m traveling with friends to see friends, so it should be a good time. in reply to mynameis_shoe #
  • @acarvin oi in reply to acarvin #
  • Just buddha palmed a spider for a coworker. #

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