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Twitter Digest – 2009-01-13

  • went back to wentworth & leggett. i bought, among other things, kerouac’s on the road. this is a good book for wanderers & lovers of spice. #
  • @rsdevin sorry about the rejections. those suck. at least you’re getting personalized notes, though, right? (not much consolation, sorry…) in reply to rsdevin #
  • Spent the evening with my homegroup at the pub. Good fellowship. #
  • @tofermoran when your list runs low, borrow some of my books. i don’t even want them back; i’m just happy you’re reading (grandma said). in reply to tofermoran #
  • running. #
  • @documentingme right on. looking forward to your next story. in reply to documentingme #
  • @craigmann wow. that’s pretty styling. in reply to craigmann #
  • some unknown person at work bought me a box of klondike bars. morale boost. it’s over 9000. #
  • I’d like to do a song of great social and political import. Goes like this… #
  • my coworker just climbed into the loft-lair that overlooks cubecity, rang a bell several times, and gave impromptu announcements. brilliant. #
  • @mynameis_shoe do you like janis joplin otherwise? in reply to mynameis_shoe #
  • @schy haha. from the bell’s vibrations? or is it the drugs again? in reply to schy #

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