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Twitter Digest – 2008-10-23

  • dinner = 4 butterscotch hard candies. a poor choice, if ever i saw one. #
  • @kweldon didn’t have time to go out & grab something. not planning on making it a habit. #
  • johnny’s in the basement, mixing up the medicine… #
  • banners… they’re over 9000. #
  • @vyemoran what, no denim + elastic waistbands in your future? no secondary use as a communal parachute? #
  • @tofermoran *over* 9000. it’s over nine thousand. ah, memes… you serve me poorly. #
  • so is this supposed to be “star trek — kids!” or “lil star trek” or what? #
  • “Criticism is always useful. When it’s constructive it tells me about my work. When it’s destructive it tells me about the critic.” via w.e. #
  • (previous quote retweeting @claytoncubitt, via @warrenellis. excellent way to view input of all kinds) #

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