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Radiohead + Christopher Walken = Gold Record

This Flash app takes a song you upload and fills it with, as you might expect from the name, more cowbell—on beat, if it can. Then it inserts snippets of the Saturday Night Live sketch at random intervals (Christopher Walken & Will Ferrell dialogue, primarily) and saves the resulting file on their server.

They keep a list of recent songs, so other people can enjoy your song as well. I scrolled through the list and listened to a few. The cowbell struggled to stay on beat in a few songs, notably “The Times They are A’Changing” by Bob Dylan, but most meshed pretty well. The irony of infusing “Here Comes the Sun,” by the Beatles, with Christopher Walken’s studio advice fills me with a warm glow.

Likewise, what could make an iconic song of the 1990s even better?

More cowbell.

Make your own at

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