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Characters in Tailspin

Jacqueline and Jemima are instructing Zeno, who has returned the purloined GRE documents and is thus restored to dull respectability, in Postmodernism. Postmodernism, they tell him, has turned its back on the world, is not about the world but about its own processes, is masturbatory, certainly chilly, excludes readers by design, speaks only to the […]

You Are All The Hours And None

tiger the color of light, brown deer on the outskirts of night, girl glimpsed leaning over green balconies of rain, adolescent incalculable face, I’ve forgotten your name, Melusina, Laura, Isabel, Persephone, Mary, your face is all the faces and none, you are all the hours and none… — Octavio Paz, Piedra de Sol (I found […]