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Please Take the Other Pen

The reason I’m disappointed by almost every conversation is because I have such a high view of the revolutionary power it can have—and such a belief, probably childlike, in the magic of words. In some sense, I’m always putting too much pressure on it to deliver. But at the same time, I strongly believe that […]

No End To This

I hope the novel proves to be retrievable. I enjoy retrieving mine better than I do writing them. Perhaps you finished it under a strain. Try rearranging it backwards and see what you see. I thought this stunt up from my art classes, where we always turn the picture upside down, on its two sides, […]

About Writing — Linkdump

Mostly sf writing. Simone de Beauvoir – interview with Madeleine Gobeil Jorge Luis Borges – “The Metaphor” (and the rest of This Craft of Verse) Samuel R Delany – “About 5,750 Words” (and the rest of The Jewel-Hinged Jaw) Ursula K Le Guin – “Science Fiction and Mrs Brown” (all of The Language of the […]

Lost Word

I forgot a word meaning “collection of quotations,” and I thought it started with F, maybe. Via OneLook’s reverse dictionary, I found the following, and defined them with the OED: sottisier, n. — A collection of sottises; esp. a list of written stupidities. Also transf. and fig. cento, n. — 1. A piece of patchwork; […]