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A Souple Jade She Was and Strang

But here my Muse her wing maun cour, Sic flights are far beyond her power; To sing how Nannie lap and flang, (A souple jade she was and strang), And how Tam stood, like ane bewitch’d, And thought his very een enrich’d: Even Satan glowr’d, and fidg’d fu’ fain, And hotch’d and blew wi’ might […]

The Hauteur of an Ordinary Man

You say that I have no originality. Now mark this, prince—there is nothing so offensive to a man of our time and race than to be told that he is wanting in originality, that he is weak in character, has no particular talent, and is, in short, an ordinary person. You have not even done […]

But Let’s Not Grade the Precipices

I knew a young lady of the last “romantic” generation who after some years of an enigmatic passion for a gentleman, whom she might quite easily have married at any moment, invented insuperable obstacles to their union, and ended by throwing herself one stormy night into a rather deep and rapid river from a high […]

The Apartment

I recently watched The Apartment, with Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine, directed by Billy Wilder. It’s a comedy of sorts, but Wilder addresses some heavy themes—suicide, contentment, and materialism, to name a few—that make this film more than forgettable slapstick. I read the script years ago. That was a sort of hobby of mine for […]

Le Petit Prince

When I was a kid, we had a claymation video of The Little Prince which scared and bored me in turns. My mother threw it away years ago, in a pre-move purge of nonessential objects, and I never missed it. I couldn’t find any footage online, so I can’t reevaluate it. Maybe it wasn’t as […]