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Bound To Succeed

Titus, addressing outnumbered Roman soldiers at Tarichaeae, in Palestine: My own feeling is that at this moment my father is on trial, so am I, and so are you. Does he deserve his past triumphs? Do I deserve to be his son, and you to be my soldiers? With him victory is a habit. I […]

Hell’s Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga

Hunter S. Thompson makes me want to be a journalist. As with some other larger-than-life writers, I’m not sure where the legend ends and he begins, but since I’m interested in his writing and not his person, it doesn’t much matter. His love for language and his discipline are especially inspiring. I read somewhere, while […]

Born Standing Up

Steve Martin’s autobiography wasn’t as funny as I was expecting. I assumed it would be the same flavor of wacky banjo silliness as he’s done elsewhere, or the SNL Wild and Crazy Guys-type goofiness. It’s not. He’s calm and introspective, even sedate, in his analysis of his own life–the events which shaped him, family, career, […]