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Lost Word

I forgot a word meaning “collection of quotations,” and I thought it started with F, maybe. Via OneLook’s reverse dictionary, I found the following, and defined them with the OED:

  • sottisier, n. — A collection of sottises; esp. a list of written stupidities. Also transf. and fig.
  • cento, n. — 1. A piece of patchwork; a patched garment. 2a. ‘A composition formed by joining scraps from other authors’ (Johnson). 2b. more loosely: cf. ‘string’, ‘rigmarole’.
  • disjecta membra, Latin phr. — An alteration of Horace’s disjecti membra poetæ ‘limbs of a dismembered poet’, used = Scattered remains.
  • delectus, n. — A selection of passages from various authors, esp. Latin or Greek, for translation.
  • empyema, n. — 1. ‘A collection of pus in the cavity of the pleura, the result of pleurisy. The term has also been used to denote any chronic inflammatory effusion in the chest’ (New Sydenham Soc. Lexicon). 2. In wider sense: Suppuration. rare. 3. ‘An operation to discharge all sorts of matter with which the midriff is loaded by making a perforation in the Breast’ (Kersey). Obs.
  • congeries, n. — A collection of things merely massed or heaped together; a mass, heap.
  • florilegium, n. — 1a. lit. A collection or selection of flowers; used transf. in the title of a book. 1b. A collection of the flowers of literature, an anthology. 2. Also in anglicized form floˈrilegy n.

Can’t remember now if the word I forgot was florilegy, but I suspect so.

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