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Weekly Tweet Digest – 2011-01-02

  • akkusativ was the case that they gave me. #
  • @smoonen naturally. and my presentation of said verdict was backed by sick beats. in reply to smoonen #
  • every few hours we have an earthquake. exciting business, this plate shaking. #erdbeben #christchurch #
  • today i found seven pairs of lacy underwear (misc. colors) & a red leather utility belt in the recycling bin. #reduce #reuse #ridiculous #
  • o city of raleigh, who bills from afar for services i haven't used since 2009: may you become as charn, as felinda, as sorlois, as bramandin #
  • besiege deinen inneren Schweinehund #cityofraleigh #deplorableword #
  • happy new year from the first hour of 2011. today's date contains quite a few ones. #

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