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Weekly Tweet Digest – 2010-08-01

  • ice-cream with my students. 1) banana split festooned with rice crispies, 2) leavetaking ritual flour barrage 3) hired a bum to sing to me #
  • 4) i'm still cleaning flour out of my ears. 5) my students have no concept of pitch and should not sing along anymore. 6) they do anyway. #
  • 7) ice-cream comes by the tupperware bucket here. 8) after i paid, the shop owner gave me a bag of fruit. said it was a gift from medellín. #
  • "No news, really. . . . Various people who have sent their children to Canada are already regretting it." — George Orwell #
  • packing and walking to the bus terminal. medellín – ipiales, 20 hour first stretch. then tomorrow is ecuador, then peru, then chile. #
  • i don't expect to have internet, so i'll be off the grid until next week, probably. #

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