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Weekly Tweet Digest – 2010-07-18

  • @Keffy Eptesicus #playswithbatman in reply to Keffy #
  • spent today talking to street kids about their lives & took medellín's metro/metrocable back up the hill. #
  • oh hey moth in my drink. nice to see you there, in my drink. i like the part where you flew into my drink. that part was my favorite part. #
  • @mishellbaker no fire, but the cup was a tempting bright beige. in reply to mishellbaker #
  • today's dose of excellent fiction is elizabeth hand's "hungerford bridge," #
  • uke-la-li-lu-le-lo #instrumentalsecretsocieties #
  • back at the farm. unbraiding my beard. #
  • @mishellbaker i refuse to trust it, because it gave me lovecraft. (also, it gave nabakov stephen king.) in reply to mishellbaker #
  • harold bloom on poetry & consciousness, especially the last paragraph. #
  • @stonestreet will do. also, there's a team coming from your church, at the end of this month. in reply to stonestreet #
  • RT @tofermoran: In The Circuit of the Sun: "Days of Begging, Days of Theft" first cut. Enjoy. #
  • "i'll sing of love while you speak of truth, and i'll speak of war while you sing of youth" — @tofermoran, In the Circuit of the Sun #
  • @thejordache congratulations! victory! supreme powers! #
  • filled a mudpit in the road with rocks. #
  • faulkner's lectures at the University of Virginia in 1957, 1958; audio & transcripts. #
  • @bcb212 here's to vaguely documenting our locations. in reply to bcb212 #
  • chased a rooster out of the living room with a two liter bottle. it tried to peck through the sliding glass door. #

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