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Weekly Tweet Digest – 2010-06-20

  • @elleeffect me too. it's brilliant so far, & a touch chaotic. in reply to elleeffect #
  • the colombian rooster has a peculiar crow: something like a sack of ducks that someone has stepped on. #
  • given the quality of internet connection here, if you want me to see something, you should @ reply me. i'm online maybe a half hour per day. #
  • living at a farm (with cows, corn, dodgy water system, the works) an hour outside medellín with 20+ boys who all speak almost only spanish. #
  • laid a sidewalk at the farm today. now looking down at blue-tinted gloaming medellín. #
  • maracuyá is my favorite juice of all the weird new juices. #
  • if you like polaroids, here are tarkovsky's, taken at his home in russia & elsewhere: #
  • @nicoletaylor28 sounds like a blurb to me. which i guess it is? in reply to nicoletaylor28 #
  • @nicoletaylor28 i was thinking surfing competition during the rise of the old ones, actually. in reply to nicoletaylor28 #

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