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Twitter Digest – 2009-05-06

  • watched “the curious case of benjamin button” again, w/ friends. i feel envious (he taunts me with his right-on life), ++sad, and validated. #
  • also: i JUST NOW found my phone. after about a week. i didn’t really miss it so much at all. #
  • best recovered voicemail: @tofermoran pretending to have food poisoning. runner up: encouragement from @documentingme. (so i’m in 5th grade) #
  • also, i haven’t even signed into the admin side of my blog in (apparently) a long time. i have 40 drafts of posts waiting now. blog failure. #
  • Your daily dollop of poetry: #
  • ACCEPTED. I’M GOING TO THE CLARION WORKSHOP. #clarion (Announcing this like I just won the Nobel-Pulitzer-Hugo-Nebula-Booker-Newberry award) #
  • @rsdevin thank you! in reply to rsdevin #
  • @lizargall Clarionites? Clarionelions? Hmm. When I get off work, I’m going to formally introduce myself on the blog. Thanks for the welcome! in reply to lizargall #

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