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Twitter Digest – 2008-09-17

  • “Macbeth’s dilemma is that he wishes for acts without consequences–the only real impossibility.” — Alberto Manguel, A Reading Diary #
  • “politeness of heart” = “the emotion in which love is not a rapture and has not yet become a ‘passionate friendship'” — Alberto Manguel #
  • “Not many people have small dogs in Alaska… the eagles eat them.” — former co-worker #
  • “Speech is a river of breath bent into hisses and humms by the soft flesh of the mouth and throat.” — Steven Pinker #
  • headline: Court detains preacher with 86 wives. (handcuffs and a cell weren’t enough, they had to drop 86 women on him) #
  • listening to devendra banhart’s “smokey rolls down thunder canyon.” good stuff… #
  • i am now using 1GB in gmail. that’s a lot of emails. that’s 10923 emails, actually. #
  • @wilw dear catastrophe waitress. sinister is their best known, dcw’s better imo. #
  • @wilw “If You Find Yourself Caught In Love”, “wrapped up in books” and “lord anthony” are especially good. #
  • i’m waiting for the war with albania to make the news. what? there’s a war in albania? (cough, wag the dog, cough) #

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