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Chile – Valparaíso – La Lucha Libre

After the boxing matches the lucha libre starts, in the basement of a gym at the corner of Buenos Aires and Independencia, down two flights of thincarpeted steps, in a ring lit by floodlamps.

La Lucha Libre – Valparaíso – Chile from paulboccaccio on Vimeo.

The skinny kid dressed like a neglected Mortal Kombat sketch is called Elementál, and the guy in bike shorts with the muffintop named himself Bestia, which I think roughly translates to “The Awesome One.” One fellow painted half his face white, but through shenanigans wiped his cheekbone almost clean. The winner was the “Arab,” named Zardoz, complete with a head scarf, a scowl, a potbelly, and sitar theme music. Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to sit by the wall and duck when they throw plastic chairs.