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Weekly Tweet Digest – 2010-09-26

  • here everyone yells "chi-chi-chi, le-le-le, viva chile." i come from a land of eating contests and this chant still seems silly. #
  • there is no wolverine in team. #
  • current occupation is repeating the sentence "signs seem to me suspiciously sleek" sotto voce. #
  • setting fire to a grocery store is simply cooking on a larger scale. #arsonchef #
  • and anyway the store accosted me with journey & seal & rick astley in the same trip. #nojury #
  • @vyemoran has he done any other songs? also: saw this & thought of you: in reply to vyemoran #
  • sad sad sad RT @sfwa: Harlan Ellison says MadCon will be his last. "The truth of what's going on here is that I'm dying." #
  • wok, stove, cooking oil, & potatoes. now i can make french fries whenever i want. #allthetime #precipitoushealthdecline #unintentionalrhyme #
  • ARSONCHEF II: THESE CHIPS ARE DOWN (dinner suggestion by @apopa) #technology #papas #disinclinationtowardwellness #bodilyruin in reply to apopa #
  • the face of spider-man appeared in the new stove toaster. look who's better than the virgin mary. #
  • there's a drunk guy in my kitchen trying to argue with me about pearl jam. #terriblemusic #alsolikesincubus #lackoftaste #nostalgiaworship #
  • @nicoletaylor28 he then started yelling into my nose that a coldplay song on his phone was the original work of some chilean band. in reply to nicoletaylor28 #

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